Rev. Susanna Weiss and Rev. Allan Lokos are ordained Interfaith ministers registered with the City of New York. Allan and Susanna create every ceremony individually for each couple, and for those who wish dedicated attention and creativity directed toward their wedding, this offers an elegant and special experience for the couple and their guests.

As graduates of The New Seminary and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Susanna and Allan have studied the world’s major religions and spiritual practices and are able to incorporate elements from these traditions. Ceremonies can also be non-religious, yet spiritual in nature, or humanist. Always, the result is a ceremony that is unique, meaningful, sacred, and joyous.

Individually or together, the range of wedding ceremonies they have created is enormous, from gala events marrying international celebrities to intimate celebrations in private homes. Between them Susanna and Allan have performed over 600 wedding ceremonies, each of them unique and memorable. The most unusual of these may have been when Allan was invited to India to officiate a four day wedding ceremony that culminated with the bride entering on an elephant. Susanna and Allan are honored to officiate same sex weddings.

Susanna’s experience in her twenty-year dance career as a soloist with such renowned choreographers as Gus Solomons, Rachel Lampert, and Katherine Litz lends a unique grace and professionalism to her ceremonies. Her linguistic skills are present in ceremonies in which she has spoken French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Tagalong, among others.

Allan is the guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center and author of Pocket Peace: Effective Practices for Enlightened Living and Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living (2012.) His thirty-year career as a professional actor and singer is evident in his presence and resonant voice. Allan was in the original Broadway companies of Oliver! and Pickwick among others.

Although most couples choose either Susanna or Allan as their officiant, many opt to have both co-officiate their wedding. The energy created by the bride and groom with two officiants (who have enjoyed a long and joyful marriage) is indeed extraordinary. In this combination Allan can play the romantic and moving Native American flute during select portions of the ceremony.

Because each ceremony is specially created, an accurate fee can only be quoted after a phone conversation or ideally, a meeting. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions so that we can explore all options.

We wish you great joy on your wedding day and throughout your marriage.
—Susanna & Allan

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